Maud Terrace in Junee is a structurally sound development that harks back to the days when Junee was a gold rush boom-town. George Dobbyns, developer, entrepreneur and builder, constructed this terrace in 1886 as his residence and as a letting opportunity, calling it after his daughter.
You will be amazed by this simple central round parapet design which hides the roof and is flanked by corbels. 6 Inch timber boards, decorative ceilings with some featuring cedar plus original fireplaces servicing both levels... The property has to be sold as one, but if you wished, could be made into community title and sold of separately down the track...

Looking to renovate in the grand tradition?
This ageless classic consists of a double story terrace with a formal lounge and sitting room flowing through to a guttered kitchen, bathroom and laundry. Upstairs includes another 2 rooms and a balcony making each terrace extremely spacious. French doors lead to a corrugated iron verandah with a decorative cast iron balustrade all in extremely raw condition. The terraces had updated wiring around 10 years ago but due to being unoccupied, became a haven for kids to hang out and vandal.

Updated main switchboard with metering, 2 water meters & 2 sewer lines is how the services are positioned. Termite mesh all pasted under the new section of the wet areas and passed by council plus separately metered for electricity. Also 2 Rheem hot water services and a spa will stay with the building.
Current owner has had the terraces cleared of asbestos prior to commencing renovations over 8 years ago. Buy the property; you buy all the existing consents - enquire about those today. Existing Development Application with all current works approved. Approx $5,300 worth of work needs to be completed by MJM Engineering to allow the plans to be released and the CC from council to be given.

The Maud Terrace in Junee is one of those very rare examples of a rural Victorian terrace house - A complete authentic Victorian project that is highly sought... rarely found!